Supervision for Coaches


Dorothy Larios , who has  14 years experience in the coaching world is one of a team of coaches who seek to discover what this new profession of Coaching Supervision can contribute to the rapidly changing coaching world.


"As a coaching supervisor I feel passionate about offering the most beneficial supervisory support to other coaches.

Our learning journey as coaches is vital. As we attend courses, work towards professional accreditation and map out our business, we seemingly jump through endless hoops. It has become a confusing and very competitive field to train and work in."


Dorothy enjoys the sharing and the learning attached to each supervision session with coaches. She believes that her offerings are placed so that each coach can reflect on and decide whether these are of value. On her part, Dorothy believes that as learning peers there is always a space for mutual growth and development.


Supervisor Host with Association for Coaching

Assessor for Association for Coaching

Dorothy has had regular supervision from Robin Shohet and Alison Fletcher

Works within the Code of Ethics of the Association for Coaching and the International Coach Federation

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Dorothy Larios at info@nvisioncoachinguk.com

Call 01293 550835  www.nvisioncoachinguk.com